WTO Trade Connectivity Heatmap

- The visualization is based on the latest available (but no earlier than 2015) import data sourced from either UN Comtrade or the WTO Integrated Database (IDB).
- All the exports statistics are based on the mirror statistics, calculated using imports data.
- For the calculation of world, the rest of the world, and exports statistics mixed period data is used (latest imports available by importing economy).
- Economies shown in the visualisation are the ones for which total imports from the world were worth more than 5 billion US$.
- For statistics where European Union is either a selected economy or another economy intra-EU trade is omitted, for the rest of the statistics intra-EU trade is included.
- Region classification is based on the Our World In Data (OWID) continents classification where Asia is grouped together with Oceania and North America together with South America.
- Download data: https://stats.wto.org/dashboard/data/tradeconnectivity.zip.